Whatisinmysis.com is all about the content of your sis file. Start by uploading your sis file using the controls below.

On the next page you will see the content of the uploaded sis and where the included files will be installed to on a phone. Additional you can check the signing by looking at the certificate chain. This service only works for Symbian OS Version 9.1 (this includes S60 3rd and 5th Edition) sis files!


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Your sis file will only be stored temporarly for analyzation and will be deleted immediatly thereafter. We garantee that the uploaded sis file will not be saved or used in any other way. The result of the analyzation will only be available to you. We do not run any statistics on the content or anything else. If you have any concerns feel free to contact us.

What's this site all about? I don't understand a word

This site is mainly for developers and user of Symbian 3rd Edition setup files. Also know as sis files because of their trailing ".sis" or ".sisx". If you don't know what a sis file is bookmark the page and when you stumble across a sis file come back and find out ;).

Who are you?

We are Symbian developers who found themself using a great tool called sisinfo. This tool needs python and additional libraies to run. We wanted a simpler way to see inside our sis files, so the idea of this website was born. We hope you will find this website as helpful as we did.